ShuttleCloud as your G Suite Partner

Partnering with ShuttleCloud will not raise your monthly G Suite costs, nor will it affect how you and your team use G Suite day-to-day. 

  • We are also - upon request - able to support payment via check or single annual payments (find out more by emailing!)
  • You also get the benefits of a person of contact for your account and promotions not available going through Google directly. 

The only difference in your billing operations is that we will process your monthly G Suite payments instead of Google. Any usage data regarding G Suite is still directly monitored by Google, and that data is still available at any time within your G Suite Admin Console.

With ShuttleCloud, G Suite payments are processed post-pay, the same as with Google. This means that the usage for this month is charged at the beginning of next month.

And if you sign up during the middle of a billing cycle, your rates will be pro-rated only for the respective number of days that you were either with Google or with us. 

For example, if you transfer your domain to ShuttleCloud on June 4th:

  • Google will process your usage from June 1st through June 3rd at the beginning of July
  • ShuttleCloud will process your usage from June 4th through June 30th also at the beginning of July

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