Unsupported Providers - IMAP Option

If the email address you are trying to migrate from is not supported, you can use the IMAP option. For this option, you will be required to enter the source provider’s IMAP address.

ShuttleCloud provides a list of the IMAP addresses for the most common email providers, which you can access via the drop-down menu to the right of the “Hosts” field. The list is not comprehensive, and if your email provider is not listed, you must look up their IMAP address (via Google or contacting them directly).

Whether you selected your host’s IMAP address through the drop-down menu or entered it yourself, the address has to start with either “imaps://” or “imap://” where the extra “s” is a designation of whether secure connection is enabled on your source account. If you are unsure, try both to see what works with your provider’s IMAP address.

In Step 2 you will be selecting the destination account to which the emails are migrating. ShuttleCloud is a migration tool for the G Suite Ecosystem, so your options here are limited to Google accounts. As an administrator, you can choose to migrate to any user’s address on your domain or a Google account outside of your G Suite Domain. 

And Step 3 is simply the email address you want to be contacted at once your migration has begun, as well as when your migration has completed.

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