Why migrate your emails with ShuttleCloud?

Emails used to just be a way for people to communicate, but as industry has modernized they have quickly become vital documents to save. When switching your business to a new email provider, there are two main alternatives open to you: manually moving emails through your source provider, which is oftentimes very time consuming, or hiring full domain migration services, which is oftentimes very expensive.

What is so great about G Suite is the simplicity, the price point, and the collaborative atmosphere that allows for novel solutions. The ShuttleCloud email migration tool mimics this mentality by being easy to use, free, and capable of integrating seamlessly with other G Suite services.

This affords you a tremendous amount of flexibility in both conducting and planning the use of our tool and allows you to use ShuttleCloud for common alternative applications, such as creating a migration-based email archival system or retaining a past employee's email communication for customer relations management purposes.

If you are new to G Suite and are migrating legacy emails from a non-Google account to a Google account, ShuttleCloud is the simple migration service that will allow you to migrate from any IMAP accessible email account into G Suite.

We take pride in our ability to communicate internally. All of our support representatives have direct access to our engineers, which allows us to diagnose and correct technical problems efficiently and in a very timely manner. Every member of the team is well versed in the G Suite Ecosystem and we've also worked side by side with the G Suite Deployment Team to create documentation for the best migration practices for G Suite. Technical or non-technical, there isn't a question relating to G Suite or email migration that our support team cannot answer.

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