Migrating Emails, Drive and Calendars from one account to another across different domains

The process for migrating emails, Drive, and Calendars from one account to another across different domains is a relatively straightforward process that can be summed up into three primary steps:

  1. Start with our email migration tool to transfer emails between accounts
  2. Download Drive and Calendar from origin account
  3. Upload Drive and Calendar to the destination account

Using our email migration tool: 

Cloudasta is able to transfer emails into any G Suite account on your domain. For best practices, please make sure to log into the admin account of the domain that will serve as the destination for the transfer.

While logged into this admin account, access https://migration.cloudasta.com/, choose Gmail as a provider in step one, and enter the credentials for the account from which you want to migrate emails. Select the destination account on your domain for the emails and begin your migration. Repeat these steps for each of the accounts you would like migrated.

Downloading Drive and Calendar: 

While the email migrations are running, log into one of the accounts that need to be migrated and access the Google Takeout settings at https://takeout.google.com/settings/takeout. Deselect all of the options, select only Drive and Calendar, and follow the instructions provided to create an archive for that account.

The archive may take a few minutes to generate but will be readily available for download shortly. Download the archive and do so for each of the accounts.

Uploading to destination account: 

Once the archives have been downloaded to your local desktop, the Drive files can be easily uploaded by logging into the destination accounts’ Drives and selecting the respective folder for upload.

With Calendars, it’s necessary to access the Calendar settings found via the gear icon in the top right of the UI of Calendar. From the settings, select the second tab ‘Calendars’ and you will find the option to ‘Import calendar’ in the middle of the page.

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